Most Difficult Bike Trails In The World

In this modern era where everyone is following their usual hectic schedule, the riders are making difference. They are looking for bike trails where they can do something that is beyond their limits. It is a fact that mountain bikers need difficult bike trails to make the sport challenging as well as enjoyable. They are looking for the sketchiest and steepest descents. Well, if you have become tired of riding the same old-fashioned biking trail, the following list will definitely infuse your mind with pleasure. Yes, we have made a list of the most difficult bike trails in the world. So, if you are someone who wants to do crazy things with your mountain bike, do not miss the points added below:

  • Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Trail: Bootleg Canyon Mountain bike trail is one of the most difficult bike trails. It is located in Boulder City that is in Nevada. If you love challenges, this bike trail will be ideal for you. However, we will suggest you take proper precautions. You must have advanced riding skills as there some challenging downhill trips.
  • Baseline Mountain Canada Cup: Baseline Mountain Canada Cup is another challenging bike trail in the world. If you love rocky and steep downhill, this bike trail will be perfect for you. Well, if you are less experienced, we will not recommend this bike trail for you. It will be very difficult to control your bike on this track. There are some obstacles on the track such as small trees, rocks, and many more. Therefore, you should have proper training. So, why are you waiting? Visit the Rocky Mountain House that is in Alberta.
  • Black Mountain: Do you want the combination of a beautiful natural view and a challenging mountain bike trail? Then, Black Mountain will be an ideal option for you. Yes, it is located in North Carolina. The track is challenging and so, you will enjoy mountain bike riding. Apart from this, you will also enjoy the natural beauty as there are beautiful waterfalls and many more. The downhill drops, crazy switchbacks and insane jumping track make this place ideal for mountain bike riders.
  • Porcupine Rim Mountain Bike Trail: Well, it is another challenging mountain bike trail and the track will definitely give the riders a satisfactory experience. The difficult downhill will definitely make it more challenging; the riders will have problems concentrating on obstacles and turns. However, the beautiful scenery and views are added advantage.

So, these are the most difficult bike trails in the world.