Ancient Microbes Found In Thawing Antarctic Ice

Living in this 21st era, we all are dealing with the consequences caused by climate change. Yes, we must admit the fact that climate change is a big matter of concern. Well, it could be more if the viruses locked in the glaciers wake up. These viruses are in dormant condition for thousands of years. Many of them could be unknown to the researchers. The temperature of our planet is increasing and therefore, the ice is melting. It is not only increasing the seal level but also creating a chance of pandemic situation. Yes, researchers do not have a concrete idea about those viruses and therefore, nobody could tell what would happen.

Talking about Antarctica, it is one of the most chemically and physically extreme environments where you can see various life forms have been inhabited. Well, microbes living in Antarctica adapt the same process that they do in the hot deserts. Yes, in the case of water deficiency, the microbes dry up and they basically close the entire metabolic activity. After this, they wait in a state that is also called cryptobiotic. Microbes also go in a dormant state in this situation.

If we talk about the ancient microbes that are actually found in the thawing ice in Antarctica, researchers are of the opinion that they have never seen such species till now. Another report says that there is an ultra-clean technique through which the researchers can actually collect the samples of microbes in a very uncontaminated and unharmed condition. According to a study, there are many microbes that could emerge over the course of time as the ice is melting. They have been living in a dormant condition for thousands of years. Climate change could actually release harmful microbes into the air. They have been preserved and trapped in the ice for many years. As the ice is melting, they will be released. In the worst scenario, this climate change can release some sort of pathogens in the year. Research says that ice melting can destroy the overall microbial archives.

Talking about the dangerous aspects of these unknown microbes, the researchers are of the opinion that they are still working to get the proper answer. Well, the good news is that scientists have already worked on various dormant viruses before. Therefore, they will definitely be successful in the process of working on the ancient microbes that have been found in the thawing Antarctic ice.