Most Valuable Carpets Sold At Auction

We all know the beauty of Persian rugs. Even the most famous and valuable artifacts come from the land of Persia. Anyway, there are different types of carpets explaining different times and cultures. Here, we will be covering the most valuable carpets ever sold at auction. So, check them below:

Louis XV Savonnerie Carpet

Well, this is one of the most valuable carpets that have been ever sold at auction. If you are into the artistic world, you have probably heard of Pierre Josse Perrot. He created Louis XV Savonnerie Carpet. During the 18th century, this carpet gained huge attention. It was one of the favorite carpets of the King. The interesting thing is that he created three carpets for the dining room of Louis XV. Talking about the selling price, well, it was sold at $4.4 million at auction at Christie’s.

Doris Duke Silk Isfahan Carpet

This is another popular carpet that has been sold at a very high price. It was created in 1600 in Iran. Shah Abbas was the ruler at that time. It was in the 20th century when Doris Duke owned this beautiful rug. It was sold for almost $4.45 million at Christie’s auction.

Pearl Carpet Of Baroda

This carpet was created in India during the mid-1800s. Baroda is basically a city of India and at that time, it was under the rule of Maharaja Khanderao Gaekwad. He offered this rug to the tomb of the Prophet in Medina. Talking about the materials, well, different materials were used to make this beautiful carpet. It included Basra seed, gold and silver foil, precious miniature gems, silk; deer hide strands, and many more. If we talk about the selling price at auction, well, it is $5.54 million.

Vanderbilt Mughal Millefleurs Carpet

This is another expensive rug or carpet that was made in the northern part of India. It is called Vanderbilt Mughal Rug and it was made during the 18th century. Once Cornelius Vanderbilt owned this rug and it was there in his family for more than a century. The selling price of this beautiful carpet at auction is $7.7 million.

Comtesse De Behague Vase Carpet

Before telling you about this carpet, you must know about Comtesse De Behague. Well, he was a famous art collector and during the 20th century, he owned this beautiful carpet. The design of the carpet makes it more attractive as well as expensive. It was sold for $9.6 million at an auction and till 2013, it was the most expensive carpet ever sold at auction.

So, these are the most valuable carpets sold at auction.