Pianos That Sold For Millions

It does not matter what thing you are using, there is an ultra-luxury segment of everything. From houses, jets, cars to hi-tech gadgets—you will customize to fulfill the desire of people. The massive investment in grand pianos gets the same treatment. The piano is a instrument that is itself beautiful in nature. It is something that reflects the style of the owner.

Here, we will be talking about pianos that sold for millions. But, before letting you know about this, we must tell you what components are making pianos expensive. Well, the craftsmanship and materials are actually making them beautiful as well as expensive. You will visualize a beautiful piece of engineering in this sounding instrument. There are so many moving parts in this beautiful instrument. The best part about expensive pianos is that everything is hand-assembled and handcrafted. In short, the quality of the piano is fully controlled. Anyway, this is not the ultimate truth. Apart from this, the material plays the most important role. Expensive piano manufacturers use carbon fiber, industrial-grade Lucite, rare woods, spruce soundboards, and many more.

So, you have understood what things make the pianos expensive. Now, we will be covering the expensive pianos.

Steinway & Sons

The cost of this piano is $2.5 million. Apart from the price, there are certainly other factors that are making this piano one of the most expensive. The Steinway painting done by Paul Wyse has made it a remarkable piece of musical instrument. This masterpiece explains the pictures that are drawn in the music. Along with this, it is depicting the effigy of the composer, Modest Mussorgsky. Talking about the legs, it is made using Russian cuckoo clocks and if we talk about the bench, it is made using the Russian medieval style. 

C. Bechstein Sphinx

The mesmerizing look of this piano has made it one of the most expensive ones. Even, if you stand beside this masterpiece, it will elevate your personality. It was in 1886 when Bechstein built this sounding instrument. He built it for a special exhibition that took place in London. It has a wooden texture and the richness of the material is making it attractive. Talking about the cost of this beautiful piano, it is $1.2 million.

Blüthner Lucid EXO

If you want to know about a unique piano that is expensive as well, this will be ideal for you. You will forget everything about luxury pianos after visualizing them. The unique structure and 3D shape have made it unique and expensive. If we talk about the cost, it is $960,000.

So, these are some pianos that sold for millions.