The Oldest People Who Competed In The Olympics

Talking about the Olympics, you have seen that teenagers are winning medals in various sports such as gymnastics and skateboarding. Well, we have also seen that there are older people who are taking part in Olympics. We have seen participants at the age of 64 win gold medals in the Olympics. So, if you want to know about the oldest people who competed in the Olympics, you are in the right spot. Just check out the following names:

Arthur Von Pongracz

It was in 1936 when Arthur Von Pongracz took part in the Olympics. He was 72 at that time and thus, he became one of the oldest men who participated in the Olympics.

Oscar Swahn

Oscar Swahn also participated in the Olympics at the age of 72. He was from Sweden and he took part in the 1912 Olympics. You might be surprised to know that he won a gold medal at that age for shooting a game in the Olympics. Oscar Swahn also got qualified for the 1924 Olympics. However, he withdrew it without putting himself in any competition.

Hiroshi Hoketsu

Hiroshi Hoketsu is one of the oldest persons who competed in the Olympics. He took part in the 2012 Olympics at the age of 71. It was in 1964 when he competed in the Olympics for the first time. In 2021, he was trying to get qualified for Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, he did not make it happen. If he did, he definitely would have overshadowed Oscar Swahn. He is now 80 and therefore, he would become the oldest person who competed in the Olympics.

Galen Carter Spencer

Galen Carter Spencer is an American who took part in the Summer Olympics in 1904 at the age of 64. Well, in a team competition, he won the gold medal.

Jerry Millner

Jerry Millner was basically a British Shooter who represented Ireland and Great Britain at the Summer Olympics that was held in 1908. At the age of 61, he won the gold medal. He won a medal in the Free rifle game at 1000 yards.

Lorna Johnstone

Lorna Johnstone is one of the oldest female competitors who competed in the Olympics. She took part at the age of 70 in Olympic Games that took place in 1972. She was a British rider and she participated in the Equestrian.

Mary Hanna

Well, Marry Hanna is another female competitor who took part in the Olympic Games at the age of 66.

Now, you know more about the oldest people who have competed in the Olympics. Who knows? Perhaps if you stay fit and start using products from Premier Research Labs and Core Med Science, you may be in top physical shape when you reach old age too!