Most Expensive Sculptures in the World

If we talk about the most expensive items in the world, sculptures will definitely come to that list. People are spending millions of dollars to buy this fine piece of art. In fact, it is one of those art forms that retained its popularity since its arrival. Sculptures bring the subject matter into our life in a very interesting as well as unique way. The fact is that no other art form can do this. Basically, it requires an unbelievable level of skill and craftsmanship to create sculptures. Mostly, we hear that paintings are being sold for millions of dollars. Nobody talks about the sculptures, but the subject should not be relegated to the archive of unsolved mysteries. This is why, here, we will be talking about the most expensive sculptures in the world.

Nu De Dos (Back IV)

It is basically an inextricable part of a large series called The Back Series. It is created by Henri Matisse who is a legendary artist. By far, this is one of his largest sculptures. Matisse worked on this Back Series from 1909 to 1930. It was in 2010 when one of the pieces of this series had been sold at an auction. The other pieces are kept at the museum across the world. This sculpture was so beautiful that it created a strong level of interest among the collectors. Initially, it got a sale price of $13 million. However, this price was quickly surpassed and gradually, it became $48.8 million.

Grande Tete Mince

This is another expensive sculpture that was created by Alberto Giacometti. He was a Swiss sculptor and he became famous due to his awesome level of craftsmanship and skill. It was in 2010 when this sculpture that was made of bronze was sold for around $53.3 million. If we translate this, it actually means, ‘Large thin head’. The sculpture was based on either Alberto or Diego who was his brother. It was created in a very distorted style. At the front, the sculpture was extremely narrow. On the other side, if we talk about the profile view, you will see that it is extremely detailed.

Guennol Lioness

It is one of the most expensive sculptures. It was discovered in Baghdad, Iraq and you might be surprised to hear that this sculpture is almost 5000 years old. It was in 2007 when this sculpture was sold at $57.2 million. It is a mind-blowing piece of art and it is holding the cultural importance of its time.

So, these are the most expensive sculptures in the world. We hope that this article will give you the desired information.