Most Famous Art Forgeries

At some point, we cannot tell the difference between real and fake things. The beauty of the fake products mesmerizes us so badly that we start thinking that it is the real one. According to a survey, almost 20% of artworks that have been kept in museums are completely fake. You might be surprised to know that the market is rich in counterfeit masterpieces. There are so many fake products available in the market that a specific art gallery was opened to showcase these things. Yes, you have heard it right. There is an art gallery that is called the Museum of Art Fakes. It is located in Vienna, Austria.

Talking about art forgery, it was actually started during the Roman period. It was the time when there was a deficiency in the original art. The artist had started coping the rich and beautiful ancient Greek arts. They copied those artworks and introduced them as the original version. This technique had got a new level during the time of the renaissance. Now, the question is who are the people that got involved in art forgeries? How did they get caught and how did they spend their lives in prison? Well, we have explained the most famous art forgeries here. So, do not miss to run into the following points:

  • Roman Sculpture Of Eros Sleeping: We all know about the famous artist, Michelangelo. But, did you know this person was involved in art forgeries? It is a fact that Renaissance artists used to copy others and Michelangelo was not an exception. He actually copied those Roman sculptors while making the Sleeping Eros. The interesting thing is that it actually kick-started the career of Michelangelo. When this forgery was discovered, people started saying that only true artists could do this.
  • Vessel In The Form Of A Seamonster: This is another remarkable example of art forgery done by Reinhold Vasters. He was basically a German Goldsmith. Well, he used to make fake art of Franz Bock. But, soon, he realized that he could earn more if he started selling fake art. However, the fact is that this art forgery was discovered after his death.
  • A Fake Giacometti: A Fake Giacometti done by Robert Giacometti is another example of art forgery. It probably made him a wealthy person. Well, he admitted that copying those Swiss-Italian artworks was very easy.

So, these are some famous art forgeries. We hope that this would be very informative for you.