How to Use a Mental Health Bullet Journal

A mental health bullet journal is a supportive therapy tool for people that are looking to help take control of their lives. You may already be familiar with this product if you are already working with a mental health coach. While outwardly simple, these journals seek to provide people the support they need to succeed in life.

Is a mental health bullet journal right for you? Take a look!

Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a combination diary and planner. People use them to keep themselves organized and to help them achieve goals more quickly.

But does it have the capability to keep you mentally fit? A bullet journal is a fantastic tool through which you can adopt new habits and make positive changes each day. It can also be used to record your thoughts and feelings.

In short, you can keep your emotions under control by tracking them each day. Ultimately, you will find meaningful ways to help address negative emotions when they occur, such as anxiety or depression.


The benefits of mental health bullet journals are endless and can provide significant mental serenity if you write down our emotions every day.

The Journal of Affective Disorders examined the effect of journaling on mental health with 40 participants. Each person was asked to write about the emotional and non-emotional events that occur over three days. After three days, researchers observed a significant decrease in their depression for those who journaled.

Journaling not only mitigates depression, but also helps to identify harmful behaviors. With the help of a bullet journal, you can easily track factors that are making you mentally unstable, and therefore, can help you self-manage your mental health.

What to Write

  • Daily Log: A daily log is one of the important characteristics of the mental health bullet journal. It is a kind of to-do list. It allows you to develop healthy habits and eliminate all the bad aspects of your life.
  • Habit Track: Habit tracker is another useful thing that can help you stay mentally fit. You should think about buying a journal with this feature. Through this, you can easily track what you are doing every day. If you make a list of good habits for yourself and write it into your journal, you can easily follow it on another day.
  • Track your supplement intake or consumption of other foods. If you are using products from Thorne Research, Neuroscience, and Douglas Laboratories, or just trying to eat differently because you have found that diet plays a significant role in your mental health, then make sure to track it here.

So, this is all about the mental health bullet journal, and we hope that this article would be helpful for you.