Why Did The Evergreen Become a Symbol of Christmas?

2020 is about to end, and therefore, it is the time to plan for Christmas. In fact, people have already started their planning. But here we will specifically talk about the symbolic evergreen tree. Yes, you have heard it right. During Christmas, we see fresh pine trees on every street corner. We even bring it into our home and decorate it with beautiful lights. But have you ever thought about why we do this? Why do we cut down such a beautiful tree and bring them into our home? Well, we will find out the answer here. So, have a look at the following points.

History Of Christmas

If we talk about the history of Christmas, we will have to talk about ancient Rome and Egypt. Yes, the history of the Christmas tree is inextricably associated with it

The ancient Egyptians used to worship the God, Ra. When Ra was recovering from physical illness, the Egyptians brought green pine and palm trees into their homes. Thus, these trees symbolize the triumph over death. On the other side, the Romans celebrated the Solstice event by decorating their homes as well as temples with these trees.

Later in the 16th century, German people started the tradition of the Christmas tree. They started decorating the Christmas trees with candles. They even built Christmas pyramids and decorated them with candles and Christmas trees.

Some Facts On The Humble Beginning Of The Christmas Tree

  • The Christmas tree has been used to celebrate the winter festivals. People have been doing this for many years.
  • Romans used to decorate their homes with fir trees for the New Year. On the other side, Pagans used to have branches for the decorations during the Solstice.
  • About 1000 years ago, people started using dir trees as a Christmas tree in Northern Europe. They even used to plant these trees in boxes during the wintertime.
  • In order to achieve the chandelier look, people used to hang the Christmas tree upside down. Even, at present, people still do this as it really gives an eternal visual pleasure.
  • Some people make wooden pyramids and decorate them with candles, apples, and paper. Wooden pyramids trees are often considered paradise trees. These trees represent the Eden Garden.
  • It is believed that Martin Luther was the first person who brought a Christmas tree into a house.

By now, you have probably understood why the pine tree became the symbol of Christmas. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.