What Skills Do You Need to Become a Data Analyst

With the advancement of technology, the need for data analysts has been increased. The top companies are making changes in their business strategies and they are actually trying to digitalize the physical world. As a result, they are giving preference to candidates who have the capability to use data analysis tools. A data analyst minutely analyses the data with the help of various data analysis tools. They extract meaningful information from the raw data and this data help the clients and employers to take an important decision. They will come to know about various trends and facts that are useful for the growth of the company.

Now, becoming a data analyst is not as easy as it sounds. You need mental focus and clarity, which Natures Way and MRM may be able to provide. You will also need to acquire a lot of skills. We have highlighted some of them here.


SQL is also known as structured query language. It is a kind of industry-standard language of databases. SQL is often considered one of the most important skills for data analysis. Yes, if you want to become a professional data analyst, you must know this skill. A big part of this skill is to look through large datasets. Considering the present situation where companies are giving importance to digitalization, SQL has become very important. It allows the organization to store as well as manage data. For example, Amazon uses its own SQL technology to display the recommended products in the application as well as its website.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel is another important skill that a data analyst must know. If we talk about Excel, the only thing that will come to your mind is the spreadsheet. But you might be surprised to know that there are many more things that you can do in Excel. However, when it comes to handling large data sets, Python and R provide better outcomes.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is another important skill. Most data analysts use attractive graphs and high-quality colorful charts to present the data. With the help of this skill, you can keep your audience engaged.

So, these are some skills that you need to know to become a data analyst.