Largest Diamonds Ever Found

Who does not love wearing a piece of a diamond? It evokes feelings, offers various benefits such as spiritual, physical, and many more. Moreover, it is believed that diamonds add positivity. Anyway, did you know that the Cullinan diamond is the largest and most beautiful diamond that has been ever found? If you want to know more about this, you are in the right spot. Here, we will be covering the largest diamonds ever found.

It was on 25th January 1905 when the largest diamond (3,106 carats) was discovered at the Premier Mine in South Africa. Talking about the location specifically, it is located in Pretoria. Well, the mine’s superintendent started a routine inspection and during that inspection, the diamond was discovered. Talking about the weight, it is almost 1.33 pounds.

Frederick Wells was there almost 18 feet below the surface of the earth. He noticed a flash embedded into the wall and it was above him. Sir Thomas Cullinan owned the mine and after the discovery, he sold the largest diamond to the Transvaal Provincial Government. The Government presented the diamond to King Edward VII who was the king of Britain. It was a gift from the government. Anyway, the authorities thought that someone might steal the diamond during the transportation from Africa to London. The King used a tactic to eliminate this problem. He sent phony diamond and steamer ships filled with detectives. It was a kind of diversionary tactic. The dummy version made its way on the ship from Africa and on the other side, the precious Cullinan diamond was delivered in a plain box in England.

Edward handed over the diamond to Joseph Asscher who was the head of Asscher Diamond Company. It was located in Amsterdam. He got a responsibility to cut the largest diamond. Well, it was Joseph Asscher who cut the famous 971-carat diamond, Excelsior Diamond. However, if we talk about the Cullinan diamond, it took six months to study the diamond. On the first attempt, the blade that was made of steel broke. It could not make any impression upon the diamond. However, the second attempt was successful; the diamond was shattered in a planned manner.

Later, this stone was cut into 100 small pieces and nine large pieces. The largest part is called Cullinan I or Star of Africa. It is about 530 carats. It is considered the fine-quality and largest cut colorless diamond. The second largest stone is about 317 carats and it is called Star of Africa II or Cullinan II.