Ribbon Crafts Ideas For The Holiday Season

Ribbons are the one thing that can make your holidays more enjoyable. Yes, you can make handmade things using ribbons. You can do them with your kids, too, who will love the experience. Ribbons can make anything special, and making ribbon crafts is one of the most enjoyable activities for the holiday season. 

Here are some suggestions to help enrich your mind with some awesome ribbon craft ideas. Just follow along with the following points.

Cute Ribbon Turkey Craft

Are you looking for a fun activity that you can do this holiday season? Why not make a cute ribbon turkey that will add a flourish to the decor of your home. Here is how to do it!


Before going through the process, gather these ingredients:

  • Cardboard, Brown yarn, Orange cardstock, Googly eyes, Ribbon, Clothespins, Scissors, Glue gun, Tape.


  • You need to cut two circles from the cardboard. One is for the turkey head and another one is for the turkey body. After that, make small slits around the circle that you have cut for the turkey body. Then wrap yarn around it. You need to take 10 feet of yarn and tape one end on the backside of the circle. After that, wrap the circle in different directions and finally tape another end onto the back of the turkey body.
  • Now cut out a beak from the ribbon and adhere it onto the turkey face with the help of a glue gun. After that, glue the googly eyes on.
  • Now, take colorful ribbons and fold them. After that, stick them to the back and top of your turkey body using the glue gun.
  • After finishing this step, stick the turkey face to the turkey body using a glue gun, and you are done.

Ribbon Christmas Tree

Ribbon Christmas tree is something that you can make along with your kids during the holiday season. The best part is that you can make it using the left-over ribbon scraps. It looks really attractive, and you can decorate your home using this. So, let’s look at the ingredients and the process that are mentioned below:


  • A twig (it should be between 3 inches to 5 inches), scissors, ornament hook, and ribbon scraps.


  • First, you need to cut the ribbon scraps into 3 to 4 parts, and after that nicely tie them along the twig. Tie them until you have one inch left at the bottom of the twig.
  • After finishing this step, trim with the scissors from the bottom to top until you get a Christmas tree shape. Now, attach the ornament hook beneath the ribbon, and your ribbon Christmas tree is ready. Hang it anywhere you want at your home.
  • Along with these, you can use ribbons to decorate anything such as pencil boxes, photo albums, etc. You can take some pieces of ribbons and glue it onto your pencil box to make it more attractive or, you can stick pieces of ribbons to your coffee mug to enhance its attractiveness.

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is coming, and now is the perfect time to enjoy the holiday season by making some awesome ribbon crafts.